About Breast Augmentation

Women who desire to undergo breast augmentation do so for the purpose of enlarging their breasts or change the shapes of their breasts. The procedure follows a simple method that of placing an implant, which is using a pouch-like sac filled with saline or silicone, behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. The surgeon will usually apply general anesthesia for this procedure so the patient will be asleep during the surgery and, at the same time, pain-free.  

There are four different methods of inserting the breast implants in breast augmentation at http://aaronkosinsmd.com/ . One method is the most common among the four, where the surgeon causes an incision at the underside of the breast, where the natural skin fold is located. It is in that area where the surgeon inserts the breast implants. When the surgery is over, a light scar will be temporarily seen but over time that will thin out and become invisible.

Another method is to insert the breast implant by making an incision under the arm, near the armpit. Using an endoscope, which is an instrument that has a camera in it, the instrument is inserted into the incision to aid the surgeon into the proper placement of the breast implants. The scar left by this method may be visible on the underside of the patient's arm.

A third approach is by cutting the edge of the patient's areola, at the dark area surrounding the patient's nipple, and inserting the breast implants through the incision opening. Using this method may cause the patient to have a loss of sensation around the incision part and may also cause problems later on when the patient has to experience breastfeeding.

The last method is a bit complicated as the breast implant is inserted through an incision near the belly button where an endoscope is needed to guide the surgeon to properly place the breast implant to the breast area. As soon as this is achieved, the breast implant is filled with saline component.

In a breast augmentation procedure, the patient is normally cautioned by a competent and professional breast augmentation surgeon on the following effects and risks: pain felt after the surgery in which the surgeon will give medications to manage it; patient's satisfaction with the breast appearance if the surgery has met the expected results; the risk of the breast implants from leaking in the near future; surgeon's advice for regular mammograms after surgery, click here to get started!